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Rainshadow Grizzly Project taken on by the Friends of Nemaiah Valley with research conducted by McCrory Wildlife Services Ltd. and assisted by Boise Williams, Xeni Gwet'in First Nations bear researcher and guide. One of the mandates of the Friends of Nemaiah Valley is to "undertake basic scientific research" in the area. Out of this research they hope to develop a "Conservation Area Design Plan" for the Wilderness Preserve area. There is no inventory and only scant knowledge of the area and this non-governmental organization has taken on the work to collect data which should be done prior to considering any kind of development.

The Chilcotin Wild Horse Refuge - One of the most immediate outcomes of the initial Rainshadow Grizzly Project activities, is realizing this area is unique for wild horses in North America in one very important way. It contains all the top predators such as grizzly bears, wolves and mountain lion. This combination, added with the wild salmon (in the Taseko and Chilko Rivers and Elkins Creek) and wild horses is a combination to be found nowhere else.

Living By Water
A site put on by the group Living By Water. It has produced some guidebooks on how to live near water without disrupting habitat. Their newsletter is Shorelines available on the web or by mail.
There are also materials that can be ordered including a children's game board.

WRP projects
A listing of WRP projects that have been undertaken in the Cariboo Chilcotin area. A good place to start researching what has been done.

BC Fisheries
A listing of the various inventories and databases that MELP maintains. A new database is called Fish Wizard and it allows you to zoom in on a system, creek or lake using a map and then gather fisheries information from there (what studies have been done, info on the area etc.)

Stream Bank Revegetation
On the web page, under the title Technical Assistance is a really good description of various stream bank revegetation techniques. There is also a listing of what plants work well (keep in mind this is for Alaska). Diagrams and pictures help with the visualization.

Stream Restoration
A large manual entitled "Stream Corridor Restoration: Principles, Processes and Practices" Another how-to that takes you through forming a group, identifying the problems and restoration planning. Takes a long time to download.

Pacific Stream Keepers
Pacific Stream Keepers (mention that you can contact them to get materials and train as stream keepers)

Stewardship Centre
This site provides a wide range of resources to people dedicated to stewardship and includes an opportunity for people to describe the projects they are working on in their community. Use this site for good links to other sources of information related to stewardship.

Habitat Stewardship Conservation Program
This is the DFO program that has put Stewardship Coordinators and Habitat Auxiliaries in communities across BC and the Yukon to support stewardship efforts. Use this site for good links to other sources of information related to stewardship.

River Network
Information to help people monitor, protect, and restore rivers and watersheds.

West Coast Environmental Law
West Coast Environmental Law provides groups with legal support related to environmental law in BC.

Examples of Websites of Individual Community Groups Working for Environmental Health

South Thompson Watershed Committee

Salmon River Watershed Roundtable

Save Saltspring